• About us

    Value&Result(V&R) is a young and fast-growing company with offices in Apeldoorn and Utrecht. We are successful in developing and providing support in the fields of Business Rules Management and administrative processes. We were founded by an initiative of the Caesar Group and together we maintain one of the largest Be Informed resource pools in the Netherlands.

Service&Delivery center

For the execution of our work, Value&Result has a Service&Delivery center. Within this center a core team of core employees is responsible for working on projects and assignments. Employees in the core team fulfill multiple roles and they are familiar with multiple applications and customer environments. This enables them to easily replace each other when necessary. Besides the core team we have access to a flexible pool of experts from selected partners, which enables us to easily up- or downscale a project.

Our employees are involved in both development projects and support, which makes the transition of a project from development to support easy and efficient. Furthermore, our employees collaborate for long periods of time. This makes them tuned to each other.

We continuously invest in the development of reusable components. Depending on the opportunities for reuse, we are able to achieve a productivity of 1 to 6 hours per function point.

Our academy provides a training and certification program for our employees and the employees of our partners and customers.

We prefer to work with a preformance and result commitment. We will gladly discuss the options for a bonus/malus arrangement.

Kernteam V&R